Resume / CV

Alexey Praprin | Novi Sad / Belgrade, Serbia
05.2019 - Present
Freelance Videographer
As a self-employed and self-motivated videographer I mostly work on shooting YouTube shows, music videos, shorts, interviews, business videos, promo videos, concerts, events;

For my own projects I do scout locations, set lighting and sound, rent gear, communicate with clients, do actual shooting and editing, do basic color grading, etc;

Depends on goals I can do projects as a single videographer and use all my skills to achieve thу best; Or I can join the team and do my best as a hired DOP, cameramen, editor, etc;

Videography and video editing for various YouTube bloggers, music videos, live gigs, backstage reels, event videos, interviews.
Work for YouTube-channels: Smatana TV, Критическое Мышление (Criticla Thinking, education), Григорий Пронин (Grigory Pronin, fashion blogger), Алексей Стахович (Alexey Stakhovich, comedian), Проект "Говори!" ("Speak!" project, oratory), Rayan Media (business and entertaining content), Bespokegun (weapon brand)
09.2020 - 10.2022
Head of Production / Videographer:
supervising the entire process of video production;
supervising of videographers and video editors;

Shooting and editing: interviews, official meetings, conversations, etc;
Work with video gear, lighting gear, sound recording gear, teleprompter;
Mostly work with Sony Alpha cameras, DJI stabilizers, drones;
Editing: Adobe CC and other soft if needed;
11.2015 - 05.2019
Smetana Agency / Smetana TV
Videographer and video editor for 1.5M+ subscribers YouTube channel Smetana TV:
full cycle production of shows for the channel, shooting and editing of advertising integrations;
shooting and editing for a well known YouTube comedy project Stream Stand Up (Стрим Стендап);

Huge experience of production of various YouTube formats. From scratch till post-production, sound design and release;
Experienced videographer for shooting abroad.
I made travel projects in South Africa, Mexico, Finland, Germany, France): selection of optimal shooting equipment, budgeting, work on the concept of the shooting, creating DOP and director's shooting lists;
06.2012 - 10.2015
Videographer / Video editor:
shooting and editing of live gigs/performances, event videos, fashion videos, advertising and promo videos; Same Day Editing;

Good experience in live performance videos;
11.2009 - 04.2011
Europa Plus Nizhniy Novgorod
Head of sound production, copywriter:
producing of advertising for Europa Plus radio station; Working with voice talents;